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Does Any Type of EgCg Tea Capsules/Tablets Help to Lose Weight? Buyers Need to Know!
- Notice Direct from Jing Tea Manufacturing Base –

To compare the price of EGCG capsules/tablets, it is not simply to count the number of capsules / tablets in each bottle against the price, but  compare the
purity of Wu-Long tea extract and its dose in each capsule / tablet. When looking at supplements, look at the label and make sure you are getting
at least
200mg per serving
with an EGCG ratio between 45-50% (50% is better for weight loss and appetite suppression). Please note that the costs of
manufacturing capsules with 98% high purity wu-long tea extract (50% EGCG) are MORE THAN DOUBLE that of making 30%-40% EGCG capsules or
even MORE THAN TRIPLE over  making 20%-30% EGCG capsules. If the supplier doesn't disclose their label or supplement facts there must be a reason.
Each Jing Tea Wu-Long EgCg capsule contains maximised
750mg Wu-Long diet tea extracts, which is the maximum dose you could get from each
capsule in the North American and Australian market. Jing Tea's Wu-Long EGCG capsules are made from the highest quality Wu-Long tea extract
originally grown at Jing Tea HC's 100% organic tea farm, instead of using cheap 20%-40% “knock offs” extract.  

Deal Directly with the manufacturer and get what you are really paying for! Get the product that really works!
120 Capsules
Weight loss: 3-4 caps/day  30-40 day supply
Maintenance: 2 cap/day 60 day supply
Our Price:       $ 68.80
Sale Price:  
   $ 55.50

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650mg / Capsule
listed by Therapeutic Goods
(TGA) in Australia for
natural weight loss and healthy living.
Jing Tea Health Centre
Store Information,
Rating and Reviews 
at MyShopping.com.au
Assists healthy weight loss and energy boosting
EGCG may contribute to reducing excess body fat
May assist blood sugar regulation and diabetes
May assist in managing high cholesterol levels
May help support cardiovascular health
May help support immune system
May help promote healthy skin and radiant glow
100% natural herbal tea diet
Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) listed dietary supplements
The active ingredients in Wu-Long tea that are responsible for producing the many health
benefits is a compound group called
Polyphenol. Specifically, "polyphenol" is reported to
help activate the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride. It has been shown
that the continuous intake of Wu-Long tea may contribute to enhancing the function of fat
metabolism, which may
help control obesity as part of a healthy diet plan.

Wu-Long EGCG is the active part in Wu-Long ingredient Polyphenol that are responsible for
increasing metabolism which may help speeds up calorie burning. In particular, it is much
more powerful than vitamins like A, C and E in defending your body against "free radicals",
which do all kinds of damage to the body.
* "Made a Difference for me"
"I must admit i was very skeptical of this product's claims. I am a very busy office woman. Since I would
like to lose some weight, I decided to try this product as it claims to have other beneficial functions and
would save me time. I take two capsiles each day with one on my way to lunch and another when i am
cooking dinner. I have lost 4 pounds within 2 weeks. I have also begun to feel a physical and mental
improvement in my body with new energy that lasts all day. It has given me a nice glow with fewer
wrinkles. This Wu Long egcg has made a real difference for me."
C Shutterworth, Chicago USA
* "I lost 16 kilos in 4 months. I
introduced my friends to this product,
hopefully they will lose lots of pounds
too. Thanks."
Domenic, Melbourne AU
* "Wu Long tea Really Works!"
"I wasn't happy with my weight. I have been trying Wu Long teas from different companies. However,
I was very disappointed after drinking them for a while. It was hard for me to see any result that
other people had. I began to think that Wu Long tea was another false claim or that it just didn't work
on me. Then I ordered this Wu Long EGCG to have another try. I was really concerned that it would
not work for me as before. I have used it for just 3 weeks and have lost 11 lbs and 2 inches in my
waist. Also, my skin has really cleared up with much less brown spots and blemishes coming up. I
am completely satisfied with my results and now I believe Wu Long tea really works!"
Jane, Florida USA  
* "Hi, I’ve finished my last lot last week. They are REALLY
WORKING! Cant wait to get the next lot to shift those last
few kilos. Thanks again. Cheers Angie"                                    
Angie, Queensland Australia
* "I travel a lot for business. Staying at all different types of hotels, and not always being able to eat right, I
tend to gain weight. The last business trip I was on I travelled with a colleague of mine who suggested I
try to exercise in the gym at whatever hotel I stay at on a regular basis to keep my weight down. I tried it
but couldn't stay with it. A friend told me about Harmoni-t. I admit I was skeptical. I ordered some tea and
tablets, and had 2 cups every day for 4 weeks. I took a bottle of EgCg tablets on my business trips, so I
can keep with it. Success! I lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks. I'm amazed! I'm going to stay with Wu Long tea, and
look forward to getting to my target weight before I started travelling."              
Joann S. Sydney Australia
Wu-Long Tea is an incredibly flavourful tea from the stems of the tea plants among the mineral
rich mountains of Wu Yi in China. So it is also called
Wu Yi Tea.

As seen in Oprah's magazine 'O', and other fine publications, Wu-Long tea is
a powerful natural
weight loss solution available to the public today, and it's gaining credibility with every passing
day. With Hollywood stars like
Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray singing the praises of Wu-Long
tea, its no surprise that this ancient Chinese drink has helped thousands of people just like you
lose their unwanted, ugly fat. This Chinese secret has been traditionally used for centuries as
way to skyrocket energy and combat obesity in China and Japan, but now this secret has been
unearthed and brought to you. If you are finally ready to start losing weight
safely and healthily,
then Wu-Long tea might be the answer to your prayers.
Less than half of the caffeine of a soda!
Wu-Long EGCG is 100% naturally made. Each capsule is made
from 30 grams of Certified superior Wu Yi  Wu-Long tea leaves .
It equals to more than 15 cups of Superior Wu-Long green tea.
Modern people are a very hard working community, for them time is money and that is the reason why they
have always been missing out their tea time. We have found a simple way out for you, which is healthy and
at the same time quick!

Wu-Long EGCG capsules allows you to more fully enjoy the healthy properties of a Wu-Long-rich lifestyle
without spending lots of time brewing and consuming large volumes of tea.
* "I’m updating ya to let ya know I received both tea
and EGCG pills and I received them on Friday.. i
started taking them immediately and its now Thursday
1:04pm and I’m starting to see results. This is
amazing!! I’ll write back in a few more days with my
progression. Thanks"
* "I have been taking the wu-long egcg tea supplement for 4 weeks, twice the dose that
the bottle recommends, walking 20 minutes daily and have lost 21 lbs. without any
change in my diet. (I still enjoy the occasional cheeseburger and fries). I have yet to
found another supplement that yielded that kind of result. I don't know if the weight loss
was due to the walking or the tea, or the combination, but I do suggest trying this
routine. Harmoni-t is the most inexpensive source I have found (with fast mail delivery)
and walking is really kind of addictive. I had a hard time at first going out to walk, but
wanted to see if the plan would work and I can easily say, it did. Good luck to you! One
thing I can say with certainty, is that the supplements I have purchased from Harmoni-t
have been cheaper than most and still effective."
H Wade  St. Louis
* "I started taking this 2 years ago, 1 tablet a day and
have not had the flu, a cold or any sickness at all. Last
winter when the flu hit everyone I know, I didn't even
have a sniffle! This boosts your immune system and
wards off infection. It's wonderful!!
M. Kastor  VIC
* "These are very potent. I get a little "buzzed" when I take two at a time. They do speed up
my metabolism and have helped me to lose weight without any change in diet.
* "Wulong EGCG capsules are excellent! Arrived
quickly and the price is excellent with free shipping!
Such a great value for 4 bottles! Will definitely be
buying more tea supplements from Harmoni-t and
recommending to my friends!
Susie Q   New York/Massachusetts
* Worth a try! "I decided to try these out since I am not a tea drinker and so far so
good! I have decided to double the suggested dose and I feel great."
Triple D
* "These wu-long tea tablets are very potent and
make you feel really energized. Boosted my
metabolism and now I have a lot more energy and
feel great. "
R Rock  Rhode Island
* "I don't drink a lot of tea, so this is great! Thanks!
Great price for this many capsules."
Robbie K. Gill
Gladstone QLD
* 10 or more cups of tea vs 1 supplement
I don't feel like drinking a ridiculous amount of tea to get the same results from 1-2
supplements. I personally do not like the taste of  tea so the supplements work great
for me :)
R Squared Geelong Australia
* Gotta have my Wu-Long Tea - NEW
"I've been taking this Wu-Long tea capsules for over a year now and have noticed
many differences but especially in my skin. Just starting into menopause I had been
getting those hard, watery, nodules on my face. Since I started taking Wu-Long tea
these outbreaks have practically stopped. I don't have much time enjoy drinking it so
this is a great way for me to take advantage of it!"    
G. Johnson  Valley Brisbane
* "The pills came extra fast! I started taking
them today. i will update my thoughts about
the pills in about 2-3 weeks."
 Natosha Foster
Upper Central Valley, CA
* "Hello,
This item is great, I even bought one for my sister
and my friend, they both like it, my friend has lost
about 3 lbs in 2 weeks, and I like them because they
help me control my appetite and they also give me a
nice energy boost, without the jitters, just have a light
snack or eat something when you take them, if not it
could make you feel nausia"    
Mynatt Kuwait
* Awesome Product!    -NEW
"This is a great product. I picked up a bottle 5 days ago and started taking immediately according to the instructions: 2 at breakfast and 2 at

The reason for my purchase is that I had been working out hard every day for about 2 months and my weight loss had been extremely slow. I
know that there is a lag time from when you first start working out to when the pounds start coming off, but I was getting frustrated that I wasn't
seeing the results I wanted. Ever since I've turned 40 it just seems like my metablolism has slowed significantly so I needed some kind of
boost. Wu-Long EGCG

The results for the first 5 days have been teriffic. I've lost almost 1 kilo in 5 days. Now granted, I know I wouldn't have lost 1 kilo if I hadn't been
working out along with taking the product, but still, it's hard to argue with the results. It's like a switch has been flipped and my body is now
burning off the fat like it should be.

One other thing that I've noticed is that my appetite is suppressed when I take the tea capsules. I didn't even buy it for that reason. I just wanted
something to help me start metablolising my fat and it's done that and more. I had to make myself eat lunch today so that I could take some
more wu-long egcg, as I believe you shouldn't take this on an empty stomach.

I also have more energy now. It's subtle, but I definitely can tell I have more energy to get going on things that I would normally put off.

Awesome product. You won't be disappointed!"                                      
 J. K. Smith  (Mosman, NSW Australia)
* "I tried Wu-Long EGCG and like the results. First
read up on many products out there for safety and
effectiveness. Chose this product. My experience is
that I don't get nauseated or jittery. It works quickly to
suppress appetite and lasts for several hours. I don't
take it after 5pm because it does make me a little
hyperactive (not jittery) and if taken later than 5pm
delays my normal sleep pattern. This is not a
problem on weekends, but during the week, I'm
more careful."  
J. Gibson Texas US  -NEW
* Surprisingly Great!  -NEW
"I was very very skeptical about buying this product, but I am so glad that I did. I am 18 and I
weighed over 200 pounds. I was one of those people who just never got full and ate all the time
even if I was not hungry, or just out of boredom. I took this product and it has worked wonders for
me. I eat like one healthy meal a day and a little snack and I only exercise for like 10 minutes, only
because thats all I can do without being out of breath, I did this for a month and so far I have lost 18
pounds, its incredible. I no longer eat just cause I am bored and it really just makes me not want to
eat. For all you skeptics out there, just give it a try. It's not overly priced, which I love, cause with the
economy the way it is we gotta save every penny we can. Just give it a try, what do u have to lose?

Oh yeah plus for any of you who may have trouble swallowing pills (Like Me!) these are really, really
easy to take, they slide right down."
Andrew  New Jersey US
* Started taking after Depo shot and it works!! - NEW
"I was hesitant to try this product thinking it was a gimmick like the as seen on tv ads
where you can lose weight quickly. I had bought a bottle of these at a store but at the
time did not use them since I was at the weight I was happy with. But that changed. I
don't know how many women take birth control products but we all know they can add
on kilos for some of us. I started the Depo Provera shot (again) back in October and
was shocked at how hungry I was ALL the time and felt I was NEVER full. The real eye
opener was when I went to get weighed a few weeks ago and found I had gained
about five kilos. But birth control like Depo can do that; make you feel hungry ALL the
time. I read the reviewers and they said it best, "Appetite is the worst enemy of those
trying to lose weight". Since I came home from the doctor I found the wu-long egcg
pills and tried them. I noticed I was not as hungry. I am improving my overall diet; I
have always been a healthy eater but crave sweets sometimes like all of us. I have
been using these pills with a combination of working out and have noticed I feel better
and the weight is going down. I opted to order mine from autoship program and it is
cheaper in the long run. I am happy I found something that tells my brain and body it is
no longer hungry all the time. I would highly recommend these to people who feel like
you are always hungry and want to eat because you cannot seem to get full. So far it is
working great for me!"  
S. Hudson Southbank Melbourne Australia
* Great Supplement to use with
a diet and Exercise plan
"This is a great supplement for loosing
weight. I felt an overall difference within a
week of trying this. My energy was up and
I felt healthier and I started to lose some
weight. Wu-Long tea is amazing and the
capsules made it so easy and
convienient to take. I highly recommend
this product because it does give you
focus, energy and it will help you lose
weight if you are using it with diet and
Lisa Liu Cairns  -NEW
* works for me! -NEW
"I love it! Yes, this product of all the tea capsules works the best for me. I lose each time I
use them as directed. When I don't have them, I usually gain about 5 kilos in a week. I
also feel better when I take them regularly.

However, not all can take tea. A close friend broke out in hives from it and reading
reviews, saw that there are many who had the same reaction from tea products. So I
would say... go slow at first and watch how it effects you."
* "there was one shirt that wouldnt fit me. i started
taking these pills and three days later with little
exercise and basicaly no diet, i can not only fit into
the shirt, there are no bolges sticking out. i first
started seeing fat reduction the morning after in my
man tits. and yes i am willing to say that i had man
Sam Nelson  
* Gives more energy without jitters - NEW
"I need energy at work, this gives it to me without the gitters of most "fat burners". Dont look
for crazy weight loss, or any at all. Its a fairly tame product but it gives me the pick me up of
coffee, however with a pill. I dont drink soda, or coffee so this works great. Super cheap as
well since i always take specials."  
K. Medeiros
* "Great product. Great source for energy. I do a lot of
running and I take 2 before my run in the morning and
another 2 late afternoon. I feel healthier and alive. I'll
definately buy this product again when I run out..."  
* Pleasantly Surprised - NEW
"I was a little worried that this product
was too good to be true, but it wasn't. It
definitely supresses my appe."  
Mahloch  SF
* "Great Product! Been using this product
for a few months and I can really see a
difference. I am using it inline with a
healthy diet."
C. Runciman  Luton UK
Wu-Long Tea - Powerful Natural Fat Burner
May assist in natural and healthy weight loss
In a study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation, scientists from Japan's University of Tokushima School of Medicine found that
people who drank two cups a day of Wu-long have been shown experienced
over 157% greater fat burning results than those who drank
the same amount of green tea.
EGCG helps turning body fat naturally to energy
The active polyphenols EGCG in the tea may help contribute to raising energy
levels and potentially reducing the inclination to store excess glucose as body fat.
In the Tea Experience Digest, Dr. Saleeby reports "
Wu-long tea in fact lessens
absorption of fats, increases the body’s metabolism and is responsible for
noradrenaline-induced lipolysis (breakdown) of adipose tissue.
" Wu-long also
appears in the latest issue of Women's Health and Fitness!

May help cutting the effect of carbs
Eating too many carbohydrates causes weight gain by increasing insulin levels.
a study from scientists at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka,
Japan, has been shown that the nutrients in Wu-Long tea may help "blunt" the
rise in insulin you normally get after eating carbs. This may mean that by drinking
Wu-Long, you may be able to have your cake, too!
May assist blood sugar regulation and diabetes
For people with type 2 diabetes, tea, along with a healthy diet could help. Statistics for type 2 diabetes are on the rise, especially in
our young. Nutritionists, doctors and scientific researchers are focusing their energies on discovering ways a healthier diabetes
diet, which could include consumption of Wu-Long tea, may assist with blood sugar regulation.
PREMIUM Wu-Long Diet Tea
#1 Selling Natural Weight Loss
Solution In The US Today!!
"Wu-long tea in fact lessens absorption of fats, increases the body’s
metabolism and is responsible for noradrenaline-induced lipolysis (breakdown)
of adipose tissue.""Wu-long burns stubborn body fat naturally converting it to
...Dr. Saleeby
Guo Xirong, Director of the
Nanjing Institute for
Paediatrics, particularly
recommends Wu-Long tea,
the newspaper said. "It has
been confirmed that intake
of wu-long tea may help
contribute to enhancing the
function of fat metabolism
Here is what the Editor-in-chief of Muscle
Media Magazine & Dr. Saleeby is saying
about Wu-Long tea

"As the long-time Editor-in-Chief of Muscle
Media magazine, I've extensively
researched and studied the effects of various
fat-loss agents, and wu-long tea is far and
away the best there is. Myself, I've noticed
amazing results from using wu-long tea. It's
the only fat burner I believe in and use.
Accept no cheap imitations!"
and may help control obesity," it says of a tea
produced and consumed primarily in
southeast China.
An American study found that wu-long tea may help reduce the blood concentrations of
(the most common form of fat that exists in the body) by a whopping 80%
compared to rats on normal diet. One
study by the American Diabetes Association,
Antihyperglycemic Effect of wu-long tea in
Type 2 Diabetes", included 10 men and 10 women.
All subjects had type 2 diabetes for an average of 4.8 years and were already taking
hyperglycemic drugs as prescribed by their doctor. Under the review by the ethical committee of
Providence University, the subjects consumed wu-long tea (1,500 ml) or water for 30 days,
crossing over the consumption of each during the course of the study. The results were
positive; The tea helped markedly lowered concentrations of plasma glucose and
fructosamine, whereas the water control group had not changed."
May assist in managing high cholesterol levels
Catechins, a group of antioxidants, have been found in wu-long tea to which may help maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
Cholesterol is a special type of fat and is necessary for health. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and the tea increases
the good while decreasing the bad. A Japanese study found that it may helped
reducing cholesterol after 1 month of regular

gypenosides (GPs) found in wu-long tea have been shown to help lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and assists
increase HDL cholesterol. More than 20 papers have been published on the subject with effectiveness reported as ranging from 67
to 93%.

May assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health
A study by Yang found that drinking green and wu-long tea for at least a year may help reduce high blood pressure. Regular drinkers
may be 46% less likely to develop high blood pressure if they drink one-half to two-half cups a day. They may be 65% less likely to
develop high blood pressure if they drink more than 2 cups a day.

Wu-Long tea is rich in tea polyphenols, tea catechins, and EGCG, which are potent antioxidants that go to work scavenging for
oxidants, or toxins. They may help to neutralize their abilities to damage cells within your body. With its exceptionally high
concentration of polyphenols, This tea is an essential component to your
healthy heart diet.

May help assist healthy skin and radiant glow.
In a study published in the academic journal Archives of Dermatology, researchers from Japan's Shiga University of Medical Science
found that the nutrients in this kind of tea
may help dramatically clear up skin eczema within just one month. Free radicals are
damaging substances in your body caused by ultra-violet rays, chemical food additives, pollution and stress. As we grow older, the
amount of free radicals within our bodies increases naturally. Unfortunately, research links these damaging substances to many
signs of ageing, including wrinkles and dark spots etc. In one study by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto and colleagues from the University of
California, Davis,
the nutrients in this kind of tea may help elicit a remarkable 50 percent reduction in free radicals within just 15

100% Natural & Nourishing
Unlike artificial "fat burners," wulong is natural and nourishing to your health. Many users report feelings of increased focus and
well-being. Keep in mind, wulong does contain some caffeine, about as much as a cup of green tea but less than a cup of coffee.
Wu-Long Tea Health Benefits  *
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