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Independent lab tested and certified 50%, 99% purities!
At 60 years of age,
Look like 40 and feel like 20.  

Can You Do It?
Activates the SIRT1 gene
May slower ageing by turning on the SIRT1 gene
A natural powerful cardiac supporter
May stop free radicals and assists skin health
May assist blood sugar regulation and diabetes
The Anti-ageing Breakthrough
Who Recommends Resveratrol?
The problem is that in order to get the daily recommended amount of Resveratrol needed from red wine you would
have to drink hundreds of bottles per DAY!!  Who has the time or the stomach for that?

Luckily, advancements in Resveratrol research have been made allowing the substance to be extracted  from red
wine to be capsuled for daily consumption.  Now, rather than indulging in more red wine than the body can handle,
all one needs to do is take one or two capsules of 100% naturally concentrated Resveratrol daily to receive the
same benefit without having to consume a single drop of alcohol.
A great overview of Resveratrol and its life extension
benefits can be found in this
60 minutes:
Fox News on Reseveratrol - Everybody is talking about
anti-ageing and the new Resveratrol breakthrough.
Click HERE to read the most recent article about Resveratrol in O Magazine Online.
Resveratrol may help Increase Healthy Lifespan
Scientists first noticed that feeding Resveratrol to yeast lengthened their lives by
70%. As they moved up the food chain in their experiments, they find a recurring
theme: Resveratrol may help extend lifespan. A long awaited study headed by
David Sinclair and released by Harvard Medical School published the results on
mice. The average lifespan of the mice were increased by 30%. And this is
despite the fact that resveratrol consumption began in mid-life. Overfed mice
were studied in particular, and equally surpising was the fact that Resveratrol
virtually eliminated the majority of other illnesses unique to the obese mouse
control group.

Caloric Restriction and SIRT1 Activation
Caloric Restriction (CR) - severe limitation of food intake - has long been known
to dramatically increase the lifespan of every animal we've tried it on. Scientific
research shows it can push lifespan out by up to 55% in mice. Even mice
beginning CR late in life have their lives extended by up to 35%. Sinclair has
shown that a gene called Sirt1 is turned on by a CR diet, and that it is also turned
on by Resveratrol.  No other molecule is known to have this ability. Sinclair has
demonstrated in rats that when the Sirt1 gene is activated, lifespan is increased,
but CR does not increase it any further. Conversely, knocking out the Sirt1 gene
eliminated any beneficial effect of CR. The evidence is very convincing at this
point that Resveratrol may be CR in a pill.
Age-Related Health Benefits of Resveratrol
Animal on CR do not just live longer, but are healthier for
longer. We are all but immune to a wide variety of diseases
that most young animals (and people) are less prone to be
troubled by. And this seems to be exactly the result of studies
that have been made with Resveratrol. For example, in the
Sinclair study, the livers were autopsied and they
found that the high-calorie fed ones on Resveratrol had livers
compatible with those on a far healtheir diet.
Live at 60 years of age, look like 40 and feel like 20.  Can You Do It?
Liam Bartlett: Forever Young
"... he is confident his drug will deliver at least
another 10 to 15 years of robust health, you
can’t help but be excited at the potential. That
drug has managed to make it all the way to
clinical trials, involving about 200 people and
if it makes it to the next step, there’s only one
thing to do; rush out to the shops and snap
up as many birthday candles as you can."
Liver Comparison
It has been a long time coming, but doctors and scientists believe that they have finally discovered this anti ageing pill. For decades now
we have been dealing with the signs of ageing as they appear, and only on the surface. We try to eat right and exercise, but as we get older
it is hard to find the time and energy for such exhausting and tedious chores. Well, those days are behind us. It is now time to deal with
ageing from the inside out.
In a widely publicised report, researchers at Harvard Medical School and BIOMOL Laboratories have
demonstrated that resveratrol activates a “longevity gene” by
activating a cell’s survival defense enzyme,
which prolongs the time cells have to repair their broken DNA.
Channel 9 Australia
In The News
Dr Oz and Oprah Talking About Resveratrol
Resveratrol works on a gene called SIRT1 which is the
gene controls the ageing process. Resveratrol seeks out
that gene and switches it on.    
Dr David Sinclair
What is Resveratrol?

- Barbara Walters ABC
What is Resveratrol?
One of the known causes of ageing and death is that older cells lose their ability
to perfectly replicate DNA in every new cell. DNA “mistakes” accumulate and
allow little pieces of DNA to become active and print themselves out, so to
speak, creating a type of “DNA debris” that eventually stops a cell from
functioning effectively. Resveratrol has been shown to
reduce the frequency of
“DNA debris” by 60%
through the longevity gene that is stimulated.
70 years ago, the French paradox suggested that the French suffer a relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease
and arthritis compared with other western nations, despite having a diet rich in saturated fats. It has been suggested
that France's high red wine consumption is a primary factor in the trend. It is believed that one of the substances in red
wine potentially related to this effect. This substance is called Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a natural substance found in red wine that may help slowing down the ageing process. In the scientist
cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood-sugar-regulation, arthritis and other beneficial cardiovascular effects
of resveratrol have been reported. Research also indicates that antioxidants may help cancel out the cell-damaging
Compare us with others!
effects of free radicals, help protect against macular degeneration, improve endurance and assist with general health and longevity.
600mg 50% Resveratrol
300mg / Serving (minimum)
Each Serving = 150 bottles of wine
60 Capsules / Bottle
P50 Resveratrol V-Capsules

Lab Tested 50% Purity Resveratrol
Without Compromising Price Or Quality.
Each capsule contains 600mg, due to
300mg is trans-resveratrol.
Review our latest independent
lab test
made in 2017 for this product, then compare.
AUSTL 182560
Our Price:  $48.80
Sale Price:
After eCoupon: AU$23.94

2 Bottles (120 Capsules): $48.80
After eCoupon: AU$43.92
Independent Lab Test Report
P50 is 50% pure, much like most products that are sold in your local vitamin store or market... it tests at less than 2% of Emodin, which is
better than most products on store shelves. Emodin is the ingredient than can make you "regular", so we try to have less of this than our
competitors so that you can take more resveratrol without discomfort. We recommend to take 1-2 pills a day. If you prefer taking 1000mg
or more of resveratrol daily, you would choose our P99 (99%) or Micro500 (micronized 98%) products.
P99 Resveratrol V-Capsules
For customers who simply want taking
1000mg or more of resveratrol daily, we
have this lab tested highest purity
resveratrol capsules at the best price.
These are 99% pure and have 505mg in
each serving (due to purity 500mg is
trans-resveratrol). Review our latest
lab test made in 2017 for
this product, then compare.
505mg 99% Resveratrol
500mg / Standard Serving
Each Serving = 250 bottles of wine
60 Capsules / Bottle
Our Price:  $68.80
Sale Price:

After eCoupon: AU$36.00
Independent Lab Test Report
If you prefer high purity but take less resveratrol pills daily, you would choose our Micro500 (micronized 98%) resveratrol.
510mg 98% Micronized Resveratrol
Micronized Trans-resveratrol
500mg / Standard Serving
Each Serving = 250 bottles of wine
x 220% more effective
60 Capsules / Bottle
Micro500 Resveratrol VCapsules
Micro500 resveratrol capsules are made
from 98% micronized resveratrol with a
particle size of
1.5 microns, only 1/3 of
the width of a human red blood cell. It is
small enough to pass through the body's
tiny mucous membranes, and contains
properties not found in normal
resveratrol.  It is
220% more effective
over regular Resveratrol and up to
or more
effective when used with or
mixed into a liquid, tonic or emulsifier!  
With more than doubled absorption, you
simply need to take less.
AUSTL 182559
Our Price:  $95.50
Sale Price:

After eCoupon: AU$75.96
What is Micronized Resveratrol?
Review Test Certificate (PDF)
Independent Lab Test Report
Typical liquids and emulsifiers for tonics include:
Lecithins, palm oils, rapeseed oils, soy bean oils, sunflower oils. Using chocolate and HPMC has
good results too. We also recommend mixing the micronized powder in a whey protein isolate
shake, as it binds to the Beta-lactoglobulin protein in whey and this increases it's solubility.
Harmoni-T is one of the few
resveratrol vendors in the world
that is offering independently
verified micronized resveratrol
capsules with the particle size
clearly stated on the label.
Buy 3 Bottles, Get 1 Free
240 Capsules
60-120 days supply;
save $26.60 + free shipping
Buy 4 Bottles, Get 2 Free
360 Capsules
90-180 days supply;
save $53.20 + free shipping
Buy 5 Bottles, Get 4 Free
540 Capsules
135-270 days supply;
save $106.40 + free shipping
Buy 2 Bottles: $69.90
60 Servings (30.30g)
60 days supply;
save $13.00 + free shipping
Buy 4 Bottles: $105.00
120 Servings (60.6g)
120 days supply;
save $65.00 + free shipping
Buy 6 Bottles: $129.00
180 Servings (90.9g)
180 days supply;
save $121.20 + free shipping
Buy 12 Bottles: $222.00
360 Servings (181.8g)
360 days supply;
save $278.00 + free shipping
Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 Free
90 Servings (50g)
90 days supply;
save $79.99 + free shipping
Buy 3 Bottles, Get 2 Free
150 servings (80g)
150 days supply;
save $159.98+ free shipping
Buy 4 Bottles, Get 3 Free
210 Servings (108g)
210 days supply;
save $239.97 + free shipping
Buy 5 Bottles, Get 5 Free
300 Servings (153g)
300 days supply;
save $399.95 + free shipping
Assured quality manufactured at HACPP and GMP certified factory.
Harmoni-T Does NOT
hide the purity details of the product to customers;
supply 20% - 40% low purity Resveratrol under the 50% label;
supply 50% Resveratrol at the prices of 98% or 99%; and
offers "free trial" but charges customers a large amount for a low purity products.

Harmoni-T DOES
provide test certificates from independent lab for all its products;
guarantee its products reach the minimum purity claimed;
Harmoni-T Resveratrol has been adopted by several universities around the world
as experimental sample for resveratrol scientific research, and
offer its customers a 200% refund guarantee!
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* "I started on Resveratrol 4 weeks ago,
and my energy levels are so much higher,
and i feel so much fresher and revitalised
each day."
* "I run a clinic where most of my patients
are overweight and have many other
health problems. I started taking your
product 3 months ago and have lost 30
kilos without changing my supplement
regimen, and my blood profile has
improved. I plan to now start
recommending your resverarol products
to my patients who I think can benefit."    
Francisco Kelly, Mosman
* "I felt wonderful. My depression left. I
don't get grumpy any more. Resveratrol
has helped and I am so focused and
getting things done! My memory is better
and mental energy improved. However the
effects I mentioned began just after I
started to take Resveratrol in addition to
Gu-Lan tea. This is a fine brand in my
Randy D, Hoppers Crossing
* "I have been using the 99% capsules for
2 weeks. I now noticed a difference in how
much energy I had for my morning walk. I
am sleeping properly and awake earlier in
the morning. It helped my stress level to
be much less. Just 2 per day makes my
life easier and brighter!"  
John W
* "I just switched from P50 (resveratrol) to
Micro500 (micronized resveratrol). It is just
so easy and powerful. Only need one a
day. It worked so well with the gym"
J, Oxford
* "After just 2 weeks I noticed that the arthrirtis in my ankle was much
improved. My ankle used to hurt so much that I walked flat footed, and
could not raise up on my toe on my right foot. Now I have full motion with
so little pain that I can ignore the minor ache. I noticed that after beginning
the resveratrol that I started to lose weight. My energy after 30 days
improved noticeably."   
Renee, Hobart Australia
* "Love it! Resveratrol
makes my muscle tone so
much firmer, especially
around my waist and thigh
areas, and all this without
actually having to work
* "Yip! Finally found one supplying lab
tested micronised resveratrol in bulk. The
price is reasonable too with free
shipping. You just gained a regular
Mollie, Oakland
* "My friend used the resveratrol and
had great luck, i can only imagine if she
would have combined both resveratrol
and Wu-Long tea which is a brilliant
idea. I’m gonna take advantage of
these combos and will report back in a
week to let you know how I am coming
along! Thanks"
* "I live in Perth. I’ve been using
resveratrol since oprah
recommended it. I am losing
some weight from it!! I started
seeing results in the first month
and have it has been getting
better everyday. Thanks"           
Marie, Perth Australia
* "the next day after I started taking resveratrol I immediately noticed an
improvement in my vitality and stamina. This increased stamina I had
and I am able to maintain my full-time position along with traveling and
doing all the financial paperwork, designing brochures, and handling
all the public relations work. It's a great product and I intend on
continuing its use."
J. Shutterworth NEW
* "I have been taking (resveratrol) P99 now for a little
over two months. I have experienced a tremendous
amount of energy, happiness, weight loss,
disappearance of hair graying, looking and feeling
younger, and heightened mental alertness which I
have never experienced before. .I am planing to
continue as i know the longer i use it, the healthier I
will be, look, and feel."  
Robert H
* "My name is Sandy, I live in Colorado. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes two years
ago and was put on medication. Shortly thereafter, I started using Micro500 resveratrol and
within a week, together with the medication, my blood sugar level plummeted way too low
forcing me to reduce my medication. This I did over a carefully monitored six week period.
At the end of which, I was thrilled to learn that with proper diet and exercise and daily
consumption of Resveratrol, my sugar levels have normalized and have remained that way
Sandy Colorado
* "I had started to have some pain in my hands that looked like I was beginning to get arthritis. It is definitely in
my family. Then I started taking Micro500 resveratrol and after about a month all the pain is gone. I might add
that I have started weight lifting again and my workouts are like I was 20 years younger and I am able to
increase the resistance fairly rapidly. This is unexpected for a guy 63 years old. "  
* "I’ve been on resveratrol for 3
months now and its been
awesome. I look and feel so much
younger.. its like the fountain of
* Hello!
I have RA in my knees for 5 years. My knees ache constantly and if I was on my feet for some time they
would swell up to the point that they no longer resembled knees.

A friend introduced me to the Resveratrol and although skeptical, I eventually decided to give it a try. I
started on 2 capsules a day and after 2 weeks the pain and swelling in my knees appeared to be cut in
half. After 1 month all swelling and pain had completely disappeared. I was so happy now that I could once
again do many things that I hadn't been able to do due to the pain and swelling. Another concern was that
my blood pressure normalised, my cholesterol came down to safe levels, my restless leg syndrome
disappeared, the pain in my legs is no longer an issue. My energy levels increased greatly and I sleep a
deep restful sleep. My husband says I am a completely different person now.

Thank you to everyone that played a part in bringing Resveratrol to us and to the world. We are truly
* "I experienced a huge mood
elevation when I was taking 1200
mg 50%. I thought I was nearly
immortal and invulnerable.
Resveratrol was still quite effective
at relieving a lot of the joint and
tendon pain, associated with my
running and playing hoops. For the
last 3 months since then I have
been increasing my dosage 1/3
gram per month (currently at 2
grams per day), and the pain relief
has been increasing as well. I will
continue this until I feel like
increasing the dosage causes any
kind of side effect..."   
* "Better than ibuprufin, or anything my doctor prescribed. I use the
high purity, 98% micronized resveratrol. I found this on here with
google. Not many vendors carry this though. I found I needed a fairly
hefty dose, around 500 milligrams, to get near total relief. Being an
engineer, I researched the stability issue. As long as it's stored at or
below room temperature, and kept in a dark place, it is stable for up to
two years.  Ordinary capsules in a standard issue supplement bottle is
sufficient if you don't keep it in your car's glove compartment, or over
the kitchen stove. My brother tried it with the same results.  Now two
brothers, their wives and my parents are using resveratrol with similar
Charlie F
* "Thank you so much for
resveratrol.  I did have R.A. and
accidentally learnt about
resveratrol here, then I wondered if
it did something for R.A., and
apparently it does. I had spent so
much money in other treatments,
with little or not effect in treating
R.A. symptoms at all.  Thanks
* "Hey Its Ellen again. I wanted to
give you an update and say the
results are amazing!! I am
shocked at how well this stuff is
working for my skin. i think thats
why Oprah would take the time to
feature this product. Awesome
product!  thank you!"             
Ellen, Wellington New Zealand
* "I started taking Micro500 a few months ago for
general well-being. At the same time see a
Rheumatologist for suspicion of RA. All I can tell
you is that my hand and feet joints are
significantly better.  With a B.S. in Food Science
and Human Nutrition and a Masters in
Epidemiology and Statistics, I am always
suspect of "claims" & even scientific studies.  I'm
not sure if it is the resveratrol helping me; but it
is certainly coincidental.  I will continue taking it
since stopping is not an option to test for
recurrence (don't want that severe pain
 Shauna T
* "Hi
I would like to try the Resveratrol. Please let me know about which one you used. Once again
thank you for helping out. Regards  
* Hello:
I researched and used "JING TEA HC" brand and got good results. I tried other brand
such as but unfortunately my labs were not good so I continued with the JING TEA HC
brand. In the micro500 it contains micronized trans-resveratrol 500 mg. Thanks"  
"I use P99 and like it. (Id avoid most of the other brands such as Walgreens for now since
they are low purities) One (of my mates) commented he uses one Micro500 a day that
works the best. I wonder how much the other guys used. I know people who have positive
results using 500mg P99 or Micro500 a day."   
Sean B, Victoria Point
* "Micro500 has provided me with plenty of
energy. As long as I keep taking two capsules a
day, I feel freed from a cage of caution and pain.
My smile now is real, not forced from a
Pablo Bachmeier
"Thanks for mentioning the products you took. Could you also mention how
much you took a day? (I am using P99 now) I noticed energy increases after 4
days. Interesting how this is working."   
* "I'm curious as to the benefits people have received from 99% pure resveratrol. I tried 50% res,
and received some amazing benefits - weight loss, elevated mood, libido, etc.  I am using four
P50 pills a day so that i can get more than 1000mg trans-rsv. what do yall think?
Anybody willing to share?"                 
* 4 x p50 is 2400mg. Thats way too much 50% rsv for a day. Go for a higher purity, mate.
P99 and Micro500 will be the products to look. Cheers
Yes. I am taking 99% resveratrol, I noted mood elevation, increased mental clarity,
increased alertness, decreased reaction time, etc.  
With P99, I have noticed decreased reaction time. Mental clarity is relative; I think I'm
clearer most of the time. My metrics for mental clarity and reaction time are 1)number of
mistakes in the daily sudoku puzzles and 2)number of steals when playing basketball.
After about 1 and half months of P99rsv, both numbers seem fairly stable.
Stephen B
* "After two months using Micro500, I lost 8
kilos and have never felt better. I have
experienced more energy, stamina and
endurance.  My eyesight, memory, digestion,
sleep, and circulation have all improved and my
blood pressure is normal.  We are truly
impressed with this product! I will continue to
use it."  
Matt S  - NEW
Excellent for chronic back pain - NEW
* "I injured my thoracic spine in 1997. I gave up my social work career
and slowly learned to manage chronic pain with morphine and neurontin.
I managed, but gradually developed arthritis in the neck and spine as
well as osteoporosis. I was able to never let the pain control me, but
every day was exhausting, both with the effort for pain control and the
side-effects of medications. When this resveratrol was suggested, all
that interested me was the money-back guarantee. I knew it couldn't hurt
to give it a try! After one week, my neck pain disappeared and my energy
level was almost too much to handle. After about 2 weeks the two sharp
knives that appeared to be sticking in two places in my spine became
dull, and after a month, my back is now just "sore". It took a while to
"harness" the excess energy, but it was worth it. I have just started to heal
naturally. For so many people who suffer from chronic back pain, it is a
shame if you do not try this.  I can only say, trying it will NOT hurt, and you
just may be released, as I have been, from your life of agony!"   
* "I had a bit of diahrrea like some of the other reviewers but that
diminished after a few days. Now I could not believe the steady amount
of good energy I had and how I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.
After a few weeks, I noticed better, deeper sleep, and when I woke up I
was AWAKE, not groggy. I also noticed dry skin disappearing and my
joint pain was gone, I had better strength, and a better
June, Shenton Park WA - New
* "A friend introduced me to Micro500 in April, at which time I was on six
prescription medications, breathing treatments, and sleeping with
oxygen. I was taking three prescriptions for high blood pressure and
cholesterol medication, phenobarbital and various pain medications. I
have suffered chronic neck and back pain from injuries accompanied
with headaches and TIAs, for which there were frequent hospital and
doctor visits. Since I started on resveratrol daily I have lost 21 kilos. I
sleep better. I no longer need to buy stock in depends and OTC pain
medication. I have more energy. I am literally pain free. I wake each day
with a new outlook on life. I never knew life could be this good.
"  Vivian
* No more arthritis
"I have suffered from five types of Lupus for over 25 years, along with epilepsy, heart
disease, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue. I
started taking Micro500 at 2 per day and within a short period of time I was able to
eliminate all but four of my prescription drugs. Testing done November shows, after
my echocardiogram, EKG, and stress test, that my heart disease is reversed, my
bone density shows my osteoporosis of five years is totally reversed, no more
rheumatoid arthritis, and I’ve had no grand mal seizures since November. I have also
lost 21kilos!"  
Wanda - Pyrmont
* Worth every penny
"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease several years ago. In December, I was
introduced to P99 resveratrol. I started drinking 2 capsules once a day. After a couple
of weeks, I began to experience restful sleep and often awoke with a sense of
well-being. After a month, feeling began returning to my feet, legs and hands. My
children have also told me I look younger these days. I am an lawyer and more than
a little on the skeptical side. It's just my nature to weigh things carefully. I must say
that after six weeks of using resveratrol, I am impressed. Amazing results! Worth
every penny!"  
* Youth in a bottle?
I've been drinking P99 daily for several months and have
noted the following benefits: greater energy throughout the
day, more stamina during my workouts and while running,
proved mental energy, improved sleep and a greatly
enhanced sense of well-being."
Caroline M - NEW
* Highest quality Resveratrol - NEW
"I have been taking resveratrol for about almost a year now and I would like to say I
have lost about 13 kilos and it seems to keep it under control. I also have no more
arthritis in my knees anymore.  I have more energy than I have ever had, and I feel
better than I have ever felt before. Two things factored into my changing into this Jing
Tea P99. Its trans-resveratrol content is more than 500 mg per serve. I take only half
standard serving a day and I feel its adequate. So one bottle gives me two months
supply. I'm over 50. As long as I can afford it I will keep on using it as a daily
supplement. I dont drink any alcohol. I have resveratrol."  
Rita Damjanovska Tacoma, WA
* "Resveratrol supplements are great! I have been taking
500mg a day for a year now and I have more enregy, have
loss weight,fewer cravings, sleep better and my blood
sugar has come down. I feel more alert, positiva and have a
overall feeling of well being. There are no side effects."  
* "Real good stuff. I have noted the following benefits:  
greater energy throughout the day, more stamina during my
workouts and while running, improved sleep and a greatly
enhanced sense of well-being. Expensive, but I will buy
Optor  North Adelaide Australia - NEW
* "Dr. recommended this for me as so
far so good. On it a month and lost 2
kilos. Natural weight loss and healthier
living is what I am after."
 Janet - NEW
* "I recommend this product to anyone.
This company sends in a timely manner,
as long as you are in the states, Australia
or New Zealand"
 Larry L Hamilton
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