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with the Okinawan Tea or Wu-Long diet tea for the best results,
if purchasing the foot pads for weight loss.
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May help draw out toxins associated with smoking cigarettes
May help draw out toxins associated with environment
May help boost energy and metabolism
Improve immune system and promote healthy well-being
May assists healthy skin
May provide a calming effect
May help relieve stress and promote quality sleep
We are exposed to thousands of harsh toxins and nasty chemicals on a
daily basis. They're in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and even the
prescription pills we take to make ourselves feel better. Some of us have
got smoking habit and find its hard to quit for good in a short time. These
toxins build up in the body and put pressure on our vital organs. They take
away our energy and focus, cause us to get sick, contribute to cellulite and
weight gain, make us sleep poorly, contribute to hair loss, cause diseases
and too many other unattractive things to mention.  In addition most
Americans and Australians are adding more processed foods to their
diets, and getting far less exercise than they need.

Keeping our body clear of toxins will help us live a longer,
stronger and healthier life.

It took Japanese scientists over 26 years to research and develop this
detoxification technology with researched the ingredients needed to make
it work for all types of people. Made with Japan's finest, top grade natural
ingredients available, Okinawan Detox Patch is an 100% natural patch that
may help
effectively draw out harmful wastes and other forms of toxins
from your system while you sleep. These harmful toxins that may be
existing in our body include: nicotine, fluoride, aluminum, smog, lead,
asbestos, parasites, chlorine, formaldehyde, arsenic, mercury, copper,
barium, nickel, gold, cobalt, steel, titanium and more...
Powerful Natural Body Detoxification System
How Does Okinawan Detox Foot Pads Work?
The lymphatic system plays a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system and getting rid of toxins.
When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, lymphatic fluid builds up and stagnates causing the entire
system to become toxic.
Reflexologists traditional believes that all the organs are connected via nerve endings
to the corresponding zones in the feet. Manipulation of these zones may help influence the health of the organs
and lymphatic systems of the body. Okinawan foot pads are designed specifically to aid your body in chemical
and toxin removal by stimulating reflexology zones. By placing the pads on the acupressure points, they may
help draw out lymphatic fluid from the body by clearing blockages, and help to energize, stimulate and detoxify
your body. Frequent use of the Okinawan pads are believed to help
boost your metabolism, improve the
appearance of your skin and assist to relieve your stress and tension with a calming effect.

In the morning you will see how much of the toxins are being drawn from your body into the patch. You will be
amazed by the results and begin to feel a tremendous improvement to your health starting on the first day.  You
will also notice that as you use the patches, they get lighter and lighter as your system detoxifies and becomes
more pure.    
Reflexologists refer to the foot as the “second heart” because it has over 60 meridian
acupressure points. Okinawan patch may help stimulate the above noted acupressure
points with a healing effect. The patch does not need to be placed directly on any
particular point in order to receive benefits. Simply wearing Okinawan patch on the sole
affects all meridian points. Although it is not a requirement to use them every night, a
consistant regiment will speed up the overall cleansing experience time frame.
What exactly is coming out of
Okinawan Foot Pads?
All of these harmful things are toxins that will be pulled out of
your body if you have them in your system:
nicotine, fluoride,
aluminum, smog, lead, asbestos, parasites, chlorine,
formaldehyde, arsenic, mercury, copper, barium, nickel, gold,
cobalt, steel, titanium and more

In fact, a lot of people that smoke and use the Okinawan Foot
Pads notice the used patches smell of cigarettes.
Dr Takao Matsushita and Dr Itsuko, spent a
significant portion of their lives searching for the
secret behind longevity, as sought by the sages
of the ancient orient - a search that led them to
consider the unique qualities and characteristics
of unique trees and plants. Now based upon
their discovery, they have transformed the secret
into a product for the benefit of all human kind.

After 26 years of research and development, it
was discovered that a unique combination of
bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar essence found in
Oak, Beech and Sakura trees, and other
essential natural ingredients have the
unparalleled ability to absorb. The Okinawan
Foot Pad is made from this unique concoction of
bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar essence, and
essential complimentary ingredients to form a
truly powerful absorbing product. The invention of
the foot pad has created much excitement in
Japan, receiving high recommendations from
many people. Japan’s leading health magazine,
“An Xin”, has also featured articles based on its
usage by the Japanese populace.

The foot pad phenomenon is growing in
popularity throughout the region. The worldwide
popularity and use of the Okinawan Foot Pad is
growing at a phenomenal rate, with even more
international widespread usage as the amazing
properties of this unique and effortless
absorbing foot patch becomes readily known
throughout the industry.
What People Are Saying ...
All of these harmful toxins that will be pulled out of your body if you have them in your system: Nicotine, Fluoride, Aluminum, Smog, Lead, Asbestos, Parasites,
Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Mercury, Copper, Barium, Nickel, Gold, Cobalt, Steel, Titanium and more.
* "I look younger and am feeling much better"
"I live in a mining town, and so no matter how careful I am to live healthy, there are going to be
some external mining sites that will affect my body, I know this. I was pretty sickened when i first
saw what was coming out of the patch...was that what my insides looked like???? Scary. But
gradually, I noticed that the patches were not quite so saturated with yucky stuff, they were getting
lighter every day. And I started feeling better almost immediately. The best thing has been my
skin.... I look younger and am feeling much better"         
Linda, Broken Hills, South Australia
* "I am still a smoker... but I feel more energised and lost weight too"
"I am still a smoker and I can definitely tell that there is a smoke smell to the patch on the next day.
Oddly enough, if i took medicine of any kind, the powders and additives show up in th patch on the
next day too. My patches are not quite light yet, due to my ongoing bad habits, but I am convinced
that i am getting out, many of the toxins and other elements that were killing me. I feel more
energised, I have also lost 4 kilos in the last three months, and have been able to hit the gym with
a vengeance. I know this stuff is doing something good, I can feel it. ON a more personal note, it
also helps with intimate contact as I feel more vigorous and stimulated..."  
Dave S, Newtown
* "Reduced my migraines
"The Okinawan patch has reduced my
migraines frequently significantly, I hardly
ever have them any more. I eventually
hope they will stop entirely. I am so very
happy with this product. thank you. "
Francis Drash, Epping NSW
* "It works. I'm more "toxic" than my wife"
"My wife and i started using the patch at the same time, but I guess I'm more "toxic" than
she is, because her patch started getting lighter much faster. Within a week hers
seemed to have less stuff coming out of hers, maybe because she eats a lot healthier
than I do and has never smoked (i quit last year). Mine was still pretty gross even after 2
weeks. Guess that's what hard livin' will do, huh. Mine is starting to look lighter. I'm glad
to see that, because it lets me know my body is finally getting to a healthier state.
Anyway, we both plan to keep using this, it's like a little competition between us, and it
  Edward Lee, Milton QLD
"Hi, I am a smoker of 12 yrs., am trying to quit but have not been able yet. Anyway, i got the Okinawan Patch for my circulation (which i am sure
smoking does not help either) and I was really shocked when the patch came off SMELLING LIKE CIGARETTE SMOKE! It was very disturbing to
me that my body was so filled with tar, nicotine. It was a wake up call, for sure. Anyway, I started noticing that each day i wore the patch, the
cigarette smell was a little bit fainter, and the residue on the patch was lighter. It also has worked very well for my circulation."
Andrew Barr, Box Hill VIC
* "I had LOST WEIGHT!! i was really
surprised. I never would have expected
after all the diets i tried that this patch
would help do the trick. But it did, i just
found that it was much easier to lose
the weight, where it had been a
constant struggle before. I am down
more than 3 kilos and counting. It just
goes to show that all-natural, alternative
remedies really are powerful."
Yasmine E, Townsville
* "I woke up feeling very 'light', clear
Dom, Bendigo
* "Part of my monthly internal maintenance"
"I go to the pub a lot during the weekends. I use this product
monthly as part of my internal maintenance. The first time I
used the patches I realised and saw for myself all the toxins
that came out of ME! It's pretty cool to see them working. I
like being able to measure my progress like this, plus I'm
feeling less congested and more energetic, thx."  
Donald Hannah, Adelaide
* "I feel it has helped me to sleep
and has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced
my stress. It's worh every penny."
T. Hess, Queenstown New Zealand
* "A great thing for my entire family"
"I tried these patches initially for my insomnia, and began to see results almost immediately. So
then I read up a bit more about all of the benefits this product provides, and I decided that this would
be a great thing for my entire family. So when i ran out of the initial box, i decided to go for the 4 box
deal, which gave me a great savings. Well, we are all using it now, my husband and I and our two
kids. My son in particular is doing so much better with focusing and attention span. I'm really glad i
found this and i plan to keep using it. Thank you so much for a great product."
Tamara Elliot Geelong
* "I didn't realise that detoxing
can even help the skins tone"
"The patch has done an amazing job of
rejuvenating my skin! I got it in hopes of
increasing my energy levels, which it has
done. I didn't realise that detoxing can even
help the skins tone. It's nice to have a more
youthful appearance to go with my youthful
energy. As a woman of a certain age, just
let me say this is a great product, and one
that I will continue to use.    
Bebenek, Perth
* "I am sleeping better"
"I love these patches! I am sleeping better,
but the best part (and surprise) is the
difference I've seen in my
emotional/spiritual self. Old blocks and
limitations are falling by the wayside and I
am now taking steps to create a life I love,
instead of sitting on the sidelines. I feel
empowered and optimistic and greet each
day with joy and a sense of adventure. I am
a life long fan!"
S.  White, Mandurah WA
* "I am 72 years of age. I think
that the use of Okinawan
patch has been very beneficial
to my overall health. My energy
level and overall well-being is
much better, thanks to you."

Heath via email
* The pads helped me get back to feeling like myself
"I bought Okinawan patches because I had recently moved to a
industrial city in Asia for work and could feel the difference in the air
right away. It was sort of a shock to my system. These patches
helped me get back to feeling like myself - better than before, even -
in no time, and surprisingly, they also have helped me lose weight.
thank you so much!"
  Colleen Duffy, via Email
* I don't like the idea of living with craps
"I was so disgusted the first morning I took off my
patches. I try to keep myself fairly clean, limiting the
alcohol, eating more organic foods and all that. So I didn't
think it be that bad. Anyway, I don't like the idea of living
with all that crap in my body, form the air or whatever, so
now I religiously cleanse once a month with the
  Adam Cunningham, Darlington NSW
* "I have my children use it. Everyone
knows schools are full of germs. They
think its funny when I put their "foot
stickers" on. It is such a relief to know that
they are being protected from
environmental impurities. They can't live
in a bubble, but I need to know they are
safe. thank you."
 D. Dixen, Melbourne
* "Only 5 days out of a month"
"I have been sleeping like a BABY for the
past three months! Thank these patches.
It's amazing how just using them for 5
days out of the month makes a difference
every other day. Thank you! "
  Yasmine E,
* "Okinawan Patch has helped me calm down, I
don't how that worked, but I like it! I will buy again."
Elly, Manunda Northern QLD
* "Awesome simply awesome. At last
something that works. I have been
using the patches every couple of
months for well over a year now and
continue to be amazed. I feel like that
I've got increased energy levels
whenever I detox using the patches. "
N. Collier, Auckland, New Zealand
* "I had never done any type of cleanse for all
my life so I knew there would be quite a bite of
build up in my system. I bought four boxes
right from the start 'cause I figured it might
take a while to clear me out. Well I was happy
that I only had to go through two of the boxes
at first before I got rid of all the junk. Now, I just
use one box every month and it keeps clean
from all the rest of the toxins getting in to my
body all the time. I mean, unless I was living
in a bubble, you just can't avoid all the
impurities around."
R. Muhammad, Lidcombe
* Very Interesting Experience
"After wearing the Okinawan patches a couple of
weeks the "brown gunk" became lighter and I
seemed to have more energy and slept very
soundly. Also, I had pleasant tingling sensation on
soles of my feet. Very interesting experience."
Kelly Walden, Swan Hill VIC
* Improved my circulation
"Using these patches has improved my
circulation, my hands and feet used to get cold all
the time. Sometimes my fingers would feel numb
while I'd be typing on the keyboard, in a heated
office. I bought the patches cause I'd just been
feeling more low energy lately, and am happy to
notice this effect as well. Thanks for making such
a sound product. "
  Graham Stone, Hobart
* "My husband & I have used the detox
foot patches several times now and
never cease to be amazed at the results.
It actually gets quite exciting waking in
the mornings and watching the colors of
the pads get lighter and lighter. Each
time we know that we have rid our
bodies of toxins and other matter. We
feel happier and always seem to have
more energy."
 Betty & Mark S, Brisbane
* "It is really good to do these patches. I feel
more energetic and in the morning more rested
when I put the patch on."
 Naski, Bentley Perth
* "I just completed my 5 days. These patches
are fabulous! I'm feeling like a whole new
person, "
  J. Guernsey, Strathpine QLD
The Natural Choice with Maximised Efficiency!
Okinawan Detox Foot Pad is a premiere
100% natural absorbing foot pad, utilizing
only superior purity and grade of ingredients
It contains organic agaricus
mushroom, organic tourmaline, and organic
eucalyptus sap powder more than double
than any other foot patches available -
blended in the precise Okinawan formula
ratios for the absolute maximum absorption
results, with no fillers or additives! These are
very expensive at cost that most companies
don't do.
Thermography Tests prove that the authentic Okinawan detox pads emit far infrared rays.
Okinawan Foot Pads are placed on
both feet. (Start 8:45 p.m.)
  Recorded 1 minute after the patches were
taken off. Far infrared rays from the Pads left
heat marks on the feet. (End 10:31 p.m.)
Okinawan Detox Foot Pads have been shown to be helpful for these symptoms: fatigue, headache, anxiety, skin problems, stress, mood
swings, and heavy metal poisoning.

The pad emits negative ion on average of 1300 ion/cm3.

It has been shown to help improve heavy metals poisoning according to our latest testing.
* Okinawan foot pads may help draw out some cellulite in the blood that may help
reduce the chance for them to be stored into body and become solid fat.