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Have you been suffering stress and hardly fall asleep?
Do you wind up because of lack of sleep?
Are you tired of tossing and turning?
With all the stresses and strains of modern life, family and work, people are
faced with increasingly challenging situations. What better place is there
than a comfortable bed to relax and regenerate energy, ready for the next
day’s challenges? But there is nothing worse than lying awake at night,
worrying about the fact that you can’t sleep.

Having poor quality sleep causes exhaustion and
irritability, and lack of sleep can affect your effectiveness
in business and personal relationships.
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Your Health is Priceless! - You have Nothing to Lose but Everything to Gain!
Start using Ni-Tea today! It brings you not just quality night's sleep but enormous
health benefits to your entire body! All these cost you less than 40 cents a day!
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May help to calm the mood and promote quality sleep
May help releve night sweats.
May help to overcome fatigue and weakness.
Has been shown to help relieve pain and distress.
May help to promote healthy body detoxification.
May help to increase the strength and stamina.
May help promotes healthy skin and assist weight management.
May assist in soothing a sore throat.
Has been shown to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.
Ni-Tea consists of the soothing, healing properties of various herbs.
This natural night drink is highly sought after for its ability to help
soothe away the anxieties which are keeping you awake. It may also
help relieve brain pressure and body stress and help rejuvenates your
mind, assisting lulling you into a deep and restful night’s sleep - safely
and naturally - so you wake up feeling completely refreshed and full of

Additionally, other nutrients in the tea are tonic, hypnotic, narcotic, sedative
and stomachic. They are also traditionally used as an assistance of
relieves of
palpitations, nervous exhaustion, pain, night sweats and
excessive perspiration
May help relieve pain and distress.
Like a natural version of Aspirin, the tea may somehow help reduce pain and distress
and may also be recommended for cases of sleeplessness caused by pain.
May help overcome fatigue and weakness, help promote quality sleep.
Properties in Ni-Tea have been traditionally used as assisting remedies for the relief of anaemia and hypertonia. They are widely
used in China as an assisting remedy for burns and are believed to help alleviate stress, with very small amounts required to help
promptly calm nerves and detox the body. In modern Chinese medicine they are used to
help relief of sleeplessness, night sweats,
shortness of breath and emotional upset and debility caused by nervous conditions. Ni-Tea properties are traditionally described
as a ‘
calming energy’ because they may help reinvigorate energy without causing nervousness. They have been shown to effectively
help relief of sleeplessness caused from
mental fatigue, physical weakness or pain and are said to rejuvenate the body, whether it
is suffering from stress or age.
Ni-Tea Health Benefits
Ziziphin, a compound found in the tea acts as an adaptogen by encouraging a
normal functioning of the adrenal glands, allowing them to function optimally when
challenged by stress. It has been shown to
enhance mental activity and physical
endurance without the letdown associated with caffeinated products.
Diseases that cause the body to waste away were called wasting syndromes by the ancients, and they knew exactly which
plants could reverse the process and allow the body to repair itself.

Amino acids are compounds found in Ni-tea which have been shown to help maintain the body's natural nitric oxide levels
and has been shown to be
a powerful blood tonic. Ni-Tea is considered to be helping cooling the body and providing relief
from heat. It is also said to help increase the strength of the seriously ill, and is especially good for assisting with intestinal
complaints and respiratory flu, and helping speeding up recovery periods.  
Some ingredients of Ni-Tea are traditionally used by different people around the
Arabs use them to support their health as they are said to help relieve
coughs, resolve other lung complaints, soothe the internal organs, and reduce
water retention.
In Hawaii, plants used in Ni-Tea are boiled in several cups of
water to make a tea that is taken as local's 'antidote to poisoning'. It is also used
in Pakistan and India as 'a blood cleanser', an overall tonic and a fortifier.
Research has shown that the amino acides in the Ni-tea have been shown to help
improve the use of oxygen by the muscle being exercised.
Muscular strength is said
to be improved and stamina increased, which means that a person may be able to
exercise for longer and recover from workouts quicker.
The Chinese have found that the ziziphin in Ni-Tea helps support the health of the
body. In fact, the common belief is that if it is taken on a daily basis it may help
improve skin tone and colour, and assist with skin infections (which are both
indications of physical well-being) and
help assist a healthy body weight.
'It is believed to invigorate the body, increase
metabolism (therefore may assist weight
give strength to the heart and slow
down the aging process. And with its high
levels of vitamins and nutrients, it is no
surprise that the cosmetics industry has
picked up on it as a functional ingredient for
natural cosmetics products."
Being mucilaginous, the tea is also very soothing to the throat, and highly concentrated decoctions of jujube have often been used
in pharmacy to help relieve sore throats. The Chinese believe the properties in the tea may help relieve
coughs and sore throats,
even may help to solve breathing problems resulting from the lungs.
"Rich in calcium, protein, and
Vitamins C, B1, B2 and A, the
wonder-fruit not only works
miracles from the inside, but its
reparative nutrients
intense moisture, nourishment
and protection to the skin as
well," said Boscia.
A US firm has launched a new range of
products containing the popular Chinese
fruit ziziphin (an ingredient in the tea), which
is believed to contain
anti-ageing benefits.
In Chinese medicine, jujube fruit was traditionally used as a 'Qi tonic' to help strengthen liver function and has proven to have a
positive effect on the liver during the history.
Thousands of years before the development of Western Medicine, the ancient Chinese herbalist Shennanong recorded these
healing properties. He referred to them as an almost miraculous health tonic to nourish the blood, liver and spleen. In
clinical trial in China, 12 patients with liver complaints were given ziziphin jujube (one ingredient found in the tea) with peanuts
and brown sugar. They took the tea nightly and in four weeks their liver function has shown to be improved.
The properties in Ni-tea have been shown to be effective in assistance in maintaining healthy maintaining healthy blood pressure.
Study shows that Ni-tea contains β-D-dextrose and spinosin which are compounds for effectively managing blood pressure. They
may help to
lower high blood pressure and help maintain a normal and healthy blood pressure. They may also help relieve high
blood pressure which causes dizziness and insomnia.
* Better Sleep and Recovery
"I work with at the fire station. This product really
helps me get to sleep when at time my work
schedule changes. Very potent and very
good....It is also a great after workout drink for
recovery. It does replenish the body and
muscles after a big day work. I love the taste
and will continue to use this it. I recommended
it to the other people."
Guy Tedesco
* No More Stressed-out
"This is an amazing product. I have an
extremely stressful job and just couldn't stop
my mind from being active at nights. A mate
recommended Nitea to me. I didn't take it as
a sleep aid, but it totally works. It helped to
remove that anxious, stressed-out,
overwhelmed feeling from my mind and
make it possible to just stay focused. I have
found it is made of natural herbs with no
side effects or weird feelings. I highly
recommend this tea"  
Gene Fraley, Cherry Hill
*"I have had success with these products ni-tea
and i-tea. I would recommend it for anyone that
has had difficulty with anxiety and sleep."
Jason P
* "For the last few months, I have been feeling very
stressed.  My nerves were shot from being over-worked
and trying to make ridiculous deadlines. Since I started
drinking this tea, I am feeling less stressed and more
relaxed. I am actually sleeping through the entire night now,
something I have not done in years. Just 2 bags in the
evening before I go to bed do the trick."  
George T.
* Sleeping Better & Blood Pressure Improved
"I have been using ni-tea for 3 months now, taking 1 bag a day - and it's
great.  I have had severe pain in my neck and shoulder. It got particularly
bad at night. The pain is slowly getting better. Since drinking the tea, I have
not had any sinus headaches or pressure and even my blood pressure
has improved tremendously. I am so thankful that my sister called me and
told me about this tea that i DO need everyday."  
Darryl T
* "I had terrible sleep problems for years and yet after drinking
only two bags (ni-tea) the first evening, I slept as never before.
The hip and knee pain I had been experiencing for
approximately two years was gone in three days. The pain in
both my hands was relieved somewhere around three
months. There has not been a day since where it has returned.
I’m so grateful for this tea. I want to encourage everyone to tell
others as they deserve to know what we now know."
* "I have used it for about 3 months,
and when I have insomnia, 1-2 bags
really do help me drift off. No
grogginess, I wake up easy. I also
like this company's Wulong tea. I
have turned others onto their
products and have heard positive
B. Saltzman - New
* "I've used ni-tea and gulan tea
every night for several months
since I've been dealing with
menopausal sleep issues and it
truly works. Excellent
combination of ingredients, and
it's still just as effective as it was
from day one."  
* All Natural!
"great product. good price. no complaints! This
tea is all natural without side effects, allows you
to sleep comfortably and relaxed taken at night."
Reanne Burnett  - New
* "I had an awful time sleeping at night. For at least the past 4-5 years before the tea
I would sit straight up in bed disoriented, thinking I was going to die that minute, and
had to either get out of bed or wait until the panic attack ended. To say the least for
those who know what I am talking about - it was a horrible experience. This was
going on for 4-5 years. I was afraid of going to sleep at night and would intentionally
stay up late just to be completely exhausted enough to go into a deep sleep. Then I
was useless in the morning because I had stayed up too late. After two months on
ni-tea my wife had noticed the difference in my sleeping habits. I was not only
sleeping all through the night without panic attacks, but I had stopped snoring also. I
had a more blissful sleep, and thus more energy for the next day! What an awesome
product! "
James L., Surrey BC Canada
* "Very good product. I won't start my day without
it. I feel calmer and more in control."      
* "I gave this to a friend who suffers from pain
and has terrible insomnia. It really helps him a
lot! He has reordered it himself. Thanks!"  
* "I got this product for my sister who can never sleep through
the night and she says it works just as well as other products
but doesn't leave her completely out of it for the first few hours
she wakes up. Anyone with sleep problems should buy this
product! "
T. Majamaki
* Done An Amazing Job on My Skin!
"I have trouble sleeping and this product helped with no problem
whatsoever. Additionally, it has done an amazing job of rejuvenating my
skin! I got it in hopes of improving my sleep and increasing my energy
levels, which it has done. I didn't realise that it can even help the skins
tone. It's nice to have a more youthful appearance to go with my youthful
energy. As a woman of a certain age, just let me say this is a great
product, and one that I will continue to use."       
Diane S. Gutmann
* "I purchased Ni-Tea for my son, who was experiencing
panic attacks. I'm happy to report that since taking the tea his
attacks have subsided. I highly reccomend this tea."
Daniela G
* "This tea makes you sleepy after about
50-60 minutes. It does work for helping or
forcing you to sleep. Doesnt make you
groggy in the morning, in fact it has a
calming effect through the first few hours of
the day. Jing Tea that makes it does great
herb research and has many high rated
products. I recommend it as a sleeping aid.
It will "help" with insomnia."
Sharon C
* "Awesome! I go to my dance
class 3 times a week sometimes
more than 3 hours a night and
after using the ni-tea my feet,
legs, knees and lower back feel
great. I wake up from a good
nights rest and feeling great like
when I was in my mid 20's. I love
this product. "
Tasha Ceres -New
* A Calming & Body Healing Tea
"This tea is great. It is not just a calming tea but also a
body healing tea at night with low calories. I am
currently on my second box. It tastes great and costs
me less than 40 cents a day."
Scott A Woltz
"This tea is a little bit sweet and it does what it says it
does. After drinking it at night, i had more energy on
the following day and my muscles heeled faster after
my workout."  
J. Knight
* "For the last few months, I have been feeling very
stressed. My nerves were shot from being over-worked and
trying to make ridiculous deadlines. Since I started drinking
these teas, I am feeling less stressed and more relaxed. I
am actually sleeping through the entire night now,
something I have not done in years. Just 1 or 2 cups iTea
during the day and 1 cup ni-tea in the evening before I go to
bed do the trick."  
Phil F
* "Super fast delivery, amazing taste and
results. Strongly recommend to at least try
it, worth every penny. Will continue to buy in
the future! 5/5"
G. Cortes, Newton NSW
* "if I use this tea at night with
detox foot pads after
therapeutic massage, it
seems to flash out toxins and
I don't hurt the next morning."  
Joe Chung - New
* "I finally found something to help me
sleep comfortably through the night."
* "The Ni-Tea is a excellent product. I would recommend this product to my
family and friends."  
Yvette T - NEW
*These results are not typical results that all consumers will generally achieve. Individual results and results do vary, depending on the
age, lifestyle, food intake, the leads of the symptoms and the amount of the product being used. - view details
100% natural and caffeine free
Unlike artificial supplements, Ni-Tea is natural and nourishing to your health. Unlike any other tea, it does not contain any caffeine.