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Teas for Fat Burning and Weight Management
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Teas for slowing the aging process and life extension
Teas for controlling and preventing Diabetes
Teas for Reducing and Managing Cholesterol Levels
Teas with different Antioxidant Levels
Teas for Blood Pressure Management
Teas for heart protection and redcing risk of stroke
Teas promote Healthy and Radiant Skin and Glow, and reduce Ance, Brown Spots and Wrinkles
Teas Improving Immunity
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I have been a doctor for over 15 years now, and after practicing
medicine I have come to the same conclusion too many times;
weightloss and unhealthy eating habits are the leading cause
of almost all my patients ailments and troubles. If they ate
differently and lived a better life they would barely ever have to
see me!
Many of you dieters are out there crying because you have tried everything, and paid an arm
and a leg while you were at it to. Having to treat patients who paid over $200 for heart attack
pills called weight loss aids tears me up inside so I decided to do something about it. I have
designed a weight loss plan that is so safe and healthy that you could put your over weight
child on it and see fast dynamic results thusly boosting his confidence and health for life. I
guarantee you that our prices are set reasonable so you can afford this. I didn't design this to
make money, it was designed to help you.

Expecting, you the dieter to change over night is unrealistic. Weight loss is hard and life
changing. We expect you to be burdened by a hard days work, and a stressfull life filled with
things more important than losing weight. It just so happens that losing weight will reduce the
stress of all these things! The most important things you can do in life is help your body and
mind by choosing to be healthy, lose weight and stay fit!

You can change and find a new life with the Wu-Long Program. Inside we have a specially
designed diet plan, a weight loss method and our miracle fat burning product Wu-Long diet
tea which has been used traditionally for thousands of years in tea ceremony's to prevent
signs of ageing. Only recently did scientists discover its unusually effective capacity to burn
triglyceride, the annoying stuff around your mid section called fat with the medical ingredient
Try it today, for life.


Mike Stiller PHD
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