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Micronized Resveratrol

Micronized resveratrol is small enough to pass through
the tiny mucous membranes, and has properties that
normal resveratrol does not. A particle size between 1 - 4
microns is smaller than what most water filters can stop.
One micron is 100 times smaller than the width of a
human hair, and easily absorbed by your body.

Jing Tea is one of the only two resveratrol makers in the
world that is offering independently verified micronized
resveratrol capsules with the particle size clearly stated on
the label, and the only one in Europe and Asia Pacific.
Jing Tea's Mirco500 Resveratrol Capsules are made from micronized Trans-Resveratrol
powder has a particle size of 1.5 microns. It is only 1/3 of the width of a human red blood cell and
1-2% of a human hair. It is small enough to pass through the body's tiny mucous membranes,
and contains properties not found in normal Resveratrol.  

It is
220% more effective over regular Resveratrol compared to regular Resveratrol
supplements that average between 149 to 224 microns, and
up to 300% or more effective when
used with or mixed into a liquid, tonic or emulsifier!  With more than doubled absorption, you will
simply need 1 capsule a day [1].

[1]The estimate is based on a study from USPTO Document #20060292099. The absorption study made
public by Westphal, the CEO of Sirtris, shows the following absorption chart comparing resveratrol against
micronized resveratrol. Our estimate is based on non-micronized resveratrol found in supplements vs
micronized resveratrol. We are only interested in the absorption studies, and are not infringing on any patent
claims as we only sell an herbal trans-resveratrol extract. We are not associated with Westphal or Sirtris in
anyway, but do appreciate the absorption studies made available publicly through this document.
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