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Why some people say Wu-Long tea worked on them, but
some don't.

Dr Gao Zhifen, senior professor of the Western Medical School of China on food and health,
suggested the following factors caused different Wu-Long tea weight loss results after studies
on a large number of candidates.

(Note: to give a clear view, the whole interview was translated and summarised as following key

1. The choice of wu-long tea.
The experiment showed that candidates who used Wu-Long tea with tea base made from
spring picked higher grade oolong tea leave showed better results.

Dr Gao: We assume the candidate drinks 2-3 cups of wulong tea each day. To help in losing
weight, each cup of tea must be able to deliver more than 200mg EGCG to the human body, so
that the total EGCG obtained during the day totals  500-600mg. EGCG is contained in tea
polyphenols. The high grade oolong tea leaves uses the youngest tea buds harvest on early
spring. These tea buds contains much higher tea polyphenols and EGCG than the ordinary tea
leaves. While grades down, the tea leaves used is getting increasingly older, and its tea
polyphenols figures reduce dramatically. For example, the tea polyphenols figure of Grade 3 tea
could be less than 1/4 of that of the Grade 1.  (Chinese oolong teas have 7 different grades.)  
The teas below grade 4 contain very little polyphenols. They can only be used as normal drink
even if they may taste similar to high grade teas.  There are hundreds of types of Oolong teas in
China, Taiwan, Japan and South East Asia, but only a certain group of high grade Oolong tea
leaves which are richest in polyphenols and EGCG can be used to make tea base for Wu-Long
diet tea. Only these teas could really assist weight loss. The candidates who used the tea made
with lower grade oolong tea base, or we say they, in fact, used low grade Oolong tea, gained
much less or little tea polyphenols than those who drink wulong tea with high grade tea base.
They might be only taking a flavour even if they are motivated to make the tea and drink it many
times a day for weight loss if their tea grades are very low. We recommend only choosing a
proper Wu Long Diet tea made from high grade oolong tea base for weight loss and other
health purpose from a reliable supplier.  For sure, their prices are definitely more expensive
than those teas on the supermarket shelve.

2. How many cups to drink.
The experiment showed that candidates who drink more than 3 cups per day of the same grade
tea, began to show result after 2-4 weeks of regular use. Those who drank 1-2 cup a day
showed little or no result.

Dr Gao: Again, for  the tea to assist in weight loss, the human body needs to obtain at least 500-
600mg EGCG from the tea each day. The candidates who drank more servings improved their
chances of reaching the 500mg target. However, that doesn’t mean the candidates who drunk
less have not obtained some benefits.  They are also gaining the polyphenols and EGCG from
the tea on a regular basis. It just takes much longer for them.

3. When is the best time to drink the tea?
The experiment showed that candidates who drank the tea with empty stomach showed better
results than those who drank the tea while eating or immediately following a meal.

Dr Gao: When people take the tea on an empty stomach, the health properties (such as
polyphenols) could be completely digested by stomach and intestines into blood, without any
dilution from any properties from the food.  Another reason why we suggest avoiding combining
tea with a meal is because the oil contained in food may counteract some or maybe most of tea’
s health properties.  Therefore, the best time to drink the tea is 15-20 minutes before the meal
or about 1 hour after taking the meal while the stomach is empty. Steve Jones' case can be a
good example, as he drinks the tea both before and after meals when his stomach is empty.

4. Hot (Warm) or Cold?
The experiment showed that candidates who drank tea hot (warm) showed much better result
than those who drank the tea cold.

Dr Gao: hot tea is better. Hot tea better fits the human body’s normal temperature. The stomach
and intestine could function normally to obtain the health properties from the tea. The cold tea
would cause capillaries on stomach and intestine to pull back, which would reduce the chance
that the tea will be as easily digested. Candidates who drank their tea cold obtained less health
properties from tea than those who drand their tea hot. Whilst drinking cold tea helps weight
loss, the effects are slower.  However, this doesn’t mean the hotter, the better. We suggest
using 80-90C’ water to brew Wu-Long tea to protect the tea’s health properties.  Never use
boiling water to prepare the tea. Also, the tea needs to be finished within 30-60 minutes once it
is prepared, otherwise, the health properties, especially polyphenols and EGCG, in the tea will
be oxidized.  

5. Adding sugar and/or milk?

Dr Gao: Definitely not.

6. Any other suggestion?

Dr Gao: a healthy diet is of assistance, improving the tea’s function and enablging faster
results.  Some exercise is also helpful - walks in the office or park after the tea time would
assist to fully digest the tea into body.

(Acknowledge: the candidates doesn't represent the whole population. Above analysis can not
be used to explain the results from the whole wu-long diet tea drinking population due to the
limitation of experiment and the individual difference.)
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